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MANSOOR TEXTILES is a Leading Manufacturer and Exporter providing complete textile products to its customers globally. Mansoor Textiles established in 1997, have earned its reputation as being a quality and trustworthy organization providing textile products to its value able customers globally. We are dedicated to the production and Commercialization of Textile Products has given us an experience that allowed us to offer the best quality guarantee for our customers.

Exclusive Mansoor Textiles Products


Our commercial network, in constant growing, covers all of Spain and several European countries.

Argentina, Algeria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Germany, UK, USA


A+ Materials

Using the highest quality Direct, Direct Disperse, Pigment, Reactive and Vat, dyes for our processed fabrics

Quality Control Department

Our Quality department is equipped with advanced testing equipment and managed by qualified QC professionals

Commited Delivery

Work with good manufacturing. Units enable us to guarantee timely delivery to our valued customers